Understanding the Unattended Death Cleanup Process


Even for a professional death cleanup service, it is still tough to deal with. Unattended death is defined as a situation wherein someone dies and is not discovered for days or longer periods of time. When the body is discovered, it is a difficult situation for the family, and it is equally challenging to do the cleanup.

Why Professional Services are Necessary

Decomposing bodies pose several health risks and by nature is disturbing, so cleaning up is a task that is best left to the professionals. If the body is left to decompose and not handled properly, biological material might emanate from it and turn into a serious health hazard at home. In addition, corpses produce airborne bacteria that not only have an unpleasant smell but be a health threat as well.

Contrary to popular belief, it can take just a few hours for a decomposing body to affect your home especially if the weather is ideal. If the body is not handled properly, within a few days the effect spreads through appliances, clothes and furniture. If not remedied immediately, it may be impossible to restore these items to their original state.

How Death Cleaning Specialists Work

Death cleaning specialists are insured and trained in bio hazard remediation. Before starting the process, they wear the appropriate gear and follow specific disinfection and safety rules to ensure your home is clean and safe. If the situation calls for it, property will be removed, including structures that have been affected. Death specialists are trained to handle these situations and dispose of these properties in the appropriate manner.

During the process, all the surfaces near the body is deodorized, disinfected and cleansed thoroughly. Once the process is complete, a certificate will be issued so in the event you want to sell your property, the certificate is going to serve as guarantee that it’s safe. Once the cleanup process is completed, fluorescence testing or a similar procedure is used to determine the degree of sanitation.

How Death Cleanup Services Operate

As these services are run by professional technicians, they are trained not just to handle the body but also know the family is grieving. Before handling the body, the process will be explained to the family and if there are any requirements, they will be notified.

Cleaning up after a dead body is dangerous and stomach churning and it doesn’t take long before nature takes over and breaks down the body’s tissues. In just a day or two, biological decomposition starts to manifest and liquid seeps through the flesh. This isn’t just unpleasant to the senses but poses heath threats as well.

What it all comes down to is this: an unattended death cleanup is a difficult, complex process that if not handled by professionals, can lead to serious health complications and even loss of evidence. For these and other reasons, you have to make sure that if this unfortunate situation occurs, contact the services of a professional death specialist.

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