All You Need To Know About Unattended Death Biohazard Complications

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Life as we all know is fickle and at one point in life, human beings die. When a person dies in a house without anyone knowing, the body could go unnoticed for days, weeks and sometimes months. Deaths like this are referred to as unattended deaths.

Unattended deaths are caused by a lot of things ranging from medical issues, to suicide and other causes. Depending on the extent of damage to the body, different things may hinder biohazard remediation homicide suicide unattended death cleanup services pensacola florida or anywhere else. Some of these things include


In cases of very traumatic deaths, spills of bodily fluids are found around the body. Before the extent of death is determined it is advisable to stay away from the scene of death until the unattended death cleanup up services in Florida arrive. In a very messy situation, the cleaning team might find it difficult to speed up the cleaning process


As the extent of decay increases, it becomes more complicated to do a clean-up of the unattended body. The main stages of decay are autolysis, bloat and active decay with active decay being the highest extent of the decay.

Although this is a complication, professionals involved in biohazard remediation for homicide-suicide should be able to deal with this

●    ODORS

With increasing decay, an unattended body begins to smell quite badly. The smell is so bad that most times, the smell is what attracts unsuspecting neighbors or strangers to the scene of an unattended death. Depending on how strong the smell is, the extent of decay can sometimes be determined

While this is also a problem, biohazard remediation homicide suicide unattended death cleanup services Pensacola Florida are trained for this


Maggots are mostly found in the presence of decay. In a situation where they are a lot of maggots around the scene, it becomes quite hard to clean. Most times, the whole house might have to be screened and sanitized to remove all biohazards.

When you observe this, your first instinct should be to call a biohazard remediation homicide-suicide team.


No one should have to clean up the body of their loved ones in the event of an unattended death. In a situation like this, an unattended death cleanup team should be contacted immediately. Remember, you should avoid coming into contact with any of the things at the death scene.

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