What is Hoarding Remediation?

Hoarding remediation services are becoming more common because it’s something that affects young and old, men and women. Hoarding comes in different forms and is reflective of the person’s hobbies or interests. However there are times when the clutter doesn’t reflect this at all and is just random. There are different types of hoarders, and any of the following may avail of remediation services.

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding refers to individuals who acquire more animals than they can take care of. While the reasons are often noble –such as providing home and food- it often reaches a point when the number grows that the animals are no longer taken care of properly. The problem becomes worse when these animals produce litters, and if one of them gets sick, the risk of contamination and disease spreading increases.

Not only does this present a danger to the animals, but it also places the household at risk from animal waste. Before things escalate, you need to get in touch with the services of a professional to properly handle the situation and do the cleanup.


Also known as information info hoarders, this hoarding involves the obsessive collection of books. There are of course people who need to have a large collection of books and papers in their homes such as lawyers, scientists, teachers, accountants and the researcher. However, there are cases of people who keep thousands of papers, documents, financial papers and other documents related to work that is decades old and no longer of any use.


This is the type of hoarder who hoards thrash. This is a rarely seen condition but there are recorded cases, and more than any other type of hoarder, this presents a lot of health risks. The dangers posed by thrash are well documented. In extreme cases it reaches the point when the property has been contaminated by rodents, insects and filth.

Individuals afflicted with syllogomania tend to suffer from a mental disorder and require medical treatment from specialists, but the places where they live in has to be cleaned by a professional as well. Due to the health hazards garbage poses to the individual and the surrounding area, expert cleaners are required.

Food Hoarding

Food hoarding has long been associated with people who are always in survival mode and want to be prepared for any eventuality. There is nothing wrong with being prepared of course, but food hoarders take this to extreme levels by converting their home into a food house.

Food hoarding is one of the more difficult cases to handle as many of them are adamant they are not doing anything wrong, though stockpiling on food that will eventually expire poses health risks.


These are the people who fill their homes with recycled materials such as aluminum, plastic, glass etc. The reasoning behind this is that recycling materials is going to make them a profit, but accumulating such huge piles of recyclable material will necessitate repeated trips to the recycling center, costing more. In this case, hoarding remediation will help.

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