How to Clean Up Blood

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One of the most common questions asked about blood cleanup is, when is it all right for an individual to clean blood and when is it time to call in the professionals? The general rule is, when the blood spill no bigger than a regular sized plate you can clean it up yourself, but if it’s larger than a plate you need to let a professional handle it.

Cleaning Blood

If you decide to clean the blood yourself, make sure you use the right equipment and methods to avoid health risks. If the blood spill is significant or takes place in a commercial or industrial establishment, skilled technicians are required to ensure the area is not further contaminated. These technicians are also versed in employee protection guidelines and have been specifically trained to handle blood-borne pathogens. They also use the appropriate safety equipment and follow the protocols for dealing with hazardous materials.

Before the cleanup process begins, the technician will ask to have the entire area cordoned off and prevent access to it except for authorized personnel. Only after the place has been cleaned up will anyone be allowed to enter it. These companies can handle different types of blood cleaning including those in crime scenes, trauma situations, mass trauma, suicide, homicide, as well as medical situations like gastrointestinal bleeding.

These companies can also be called upon in case there’s blood involving transportation accidents. It should be stressed that all these companies do is clean the blood and remove bio-hazards, so if you require other services you have to call them.

The cleaning process varies from company to company, but the best ones use a scientific approach to ensure that all germs, viruses and bacteria as well as all likely blood borne pathogens are eliminated. This is of course in addition to the removal of visible stains.

Blood Removal from Vehicles

These services can also remove traces of blood on your car. If you have an expensive car, or if the vehicle is commercial in nature, you’re better off hiring the services of a professional to remove the stains. The good news is most car insurance companies cover remediation expenses so that car owners, be they individuals or businesses, will be able to cushion the blow of a major blood spillage cleanup.

If you drive your car to work every day, it’s imperative you keep it clean from blood because if left untreated, that can lead to all kinds of infections. Blood cleanup isn’t something a car mechanic can easily remove: the visible stains will disappear, but there are residues which might lead to infection. Unless the blood is cleaned up by a professional, there’s a strong possibility that odors will emanate from the area where blood was spilled.

With the help of a professional blood cleanup service, expect the blood to be completely removed regardless of its location in the car. Even if the spillage ends up in a deep nook or cranny, a professional technician will have no problems cleaning it.

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