What is Infectious Disease Decontamination?

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Infectious disease decontamination should not be confused with the regular cleaning up of crime scenes, as it is more complex. A decontamination program necessitates the complete removal of communicable and transmittable diseases, and it goes without saying these diseases are highly contagious and need to be contained.


Diseases can spread via direct contact or if there is an area where fungi, parasite, bacteria, germs or viruses are present. Because these organisms are invisible to the naked eye, the services of a specialist are required to remove them. If your home has been exposed to contagious diseases, an experienced and certified cleaning specialist is necessary to ensure that all traces are removed and it is a safe place to live in again. This rule applies for homes, schools, airports, daycare centers and other establishments.


There are several types of infectious diseases, hence the reason why babies and children need to be vaccinated. While a lot of these diseases have been contained and controlled, some have not. Even though there are shots available for diseases such as chicken pox, tetanus, mumps and measles, the possibility of infection is still there even after immunization. The only acceptable solution is therefore decontamination.

The diseases that these services can work on varies, but most of them can handle AIDS, HIV, pneumonia, staff infections, H1N1, influenza, meningitis, Difficile, MRSA, measles and Ebola among others.


Upon contacting a decontamination service, you will be instructed on what to do, and it’s important that everyone follows the instructions prior and during the sanitation process. Once the area has been decontaminated, a certificate attesting the area has been cleansed will be given to you.

One of the trademarks of decontamination services is their personnel work fast, and this is necessary to prevent possible spreading that could affect not just the inhabitants of the property but the surrounding neighborhood. Bacteria and viruses have the ability to acclimatize, and the longer it’s allowed to spread, the more lethal it becomes. It is only with a thorough decontamination process will the threat of disease be stopped.

Even though these microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye, these diseases can spread rapidly and accelerate the transfer of bacteria. This can happen with direct or indirect infection with the area or the individual. What makes these diseases so lethal is they can spread easily by touching an infected object or rubbing your eyes. Due to the nature of these diseases, decontamination services use special chemicals and take steps to ensure the safety of the area and make sure no one is affected.

Infectious disease decontamination is an essential service as disease scares can appear anytime, anywhere such as homes, education institutions, diners and even hospitals. If there is the possibility that disease has affected your property, it is best to get in touch with a specialist to take care of the situation. Under no circumstances should you attempt to do the cleaning as you could get infected.

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